not all thoughts are created equal

כי לא מחשבותי מחשבתיכם ולא דרכיכם דרכי... כי גבהו שמים מארץ כן גבהו דרכי מדרכיכם ומחשבתי ממחשבתיכם (ישעיה נה, ח-ט)
My friend Yehoshuah recently shared a phenomenal teaching from the Torah Ohr with me. (Purportedly from parshat Zachor) The Baal HaTanya says, what does it mean "your thoughts aren't like HaShem's thoughts"?!? When we're learning HaShem's Torah, our thoughts are exactly HaShem's thoughts! (This is a truly foundational principle in the Tanya, in case you didn't know)  Rather, you have to read the next part of the passuk to understand it's true meaning: "Your ways are not like My ways." This is actually an explanation of the first part of the passuk. If your ways are not like HaShem's ways, (ie. If you aren't involving yourself in mitzwoth) then your thoughts certainly aren't HaShem's thoughts!


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