Ten things for every Jew to remember

It is a mitzwah for a Jew to remember each of these ten things every day. (Here are my thoughts as to why.)

  1. The Redemption from Egypt - no matter how difficult life may be, remember that HaShem loves you and will redeem you from all your hardship. You aren't alone.
  2. Shabbath - Some people like to take it easy all the time. No. We should work hard to achieve our goals all week because we know we will have Shabbat to rest.
  3. The Mann(a) - The miraculous bread, a gift of heaven which sustained us throughout the desert. It's important to remember that our livelihood will be provided for us, so that we don't toil all week long solely for physical wellbeing. Our work week should involve rigorous spiritual work as well!
  4. Amalek - They are nation who believes in chance, we need to remember that everything happens for a reason. Even if we trip up in our rush to achieve, we have to thank HaShem for the signs he sends and the constant course-corrections.
  5. Har Sinai - Not everything is relative. There are Absolutes. The Torah is Objective Truth. It was given to us, and there is nothing more certain in the world than that a Jew should always be involved in Torah and Mitzwoth.
  6. How we angered God in the desert - When everything is going great, that's when we make the biggest mistakes. Be simple. Do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. Be humble. Don't let things go to your head.
  7. What became of Balak and Bilaam's plots - They wanted to destroy us, and HaShem intervened to prevent it. We don't need to worry about our enemies, that's HaShem's job. We do need to work on ourselves and worry about our own. 
  8. Miriam's punishment - Especially when our motivations are righteous, we must be careful, if a Tzadeket like Miriam failed through good intentions, we need constant reality checks.
  9. HaShem gives us strength for mighty deeds - Don't shy away from a task because of its shere size. HaShem has no limitations, and He's got our back.
  10. Jerusalem will be rebuilt - Will you be part of rebuilding it?


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