he loves me

I saw three very holy people get off a bus, all of them in their advanced sixties. One was a known (although he keeps a relatively low profile) Tzaddik, getting off the bus in one direction. The other two were a secular-looking husband and wife. After the three descended from the bus and exchanged farewells, the husband smiled and bragged to his wife as they were walking away: "He loves me." He was proud that the tzaddik loved him. He sounded full of himself in the way that a four year old might.

It was true. The tzaddik does love him, just as he loves each and every individual in the nation of Israel. But it made the man so proud.

If only we knew how much HaShem loves us. We'd walk around glowing each day, brimming over with exuberant pride.

HaShem calls us His first-born son, he loves us and redeems us from the deepest and darkest of places. The Tikkunei Zohar teaches that the final Beit HaMikdash will be built by HaShem for us, because he loves us so much!


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