Waking up from dreams of redemption

Last Shabbath I was asked to give a dvar Torah, I'll try to relate it as succinctly as possible below.

R' Yitzhak Ginsburg says there are 10 dreams, dreamt by seven dreamers in the Humash. In our parashah (WaYeze) we see a number of those dreams: Yaakov's two or three (depending on how you count), and Lavan. In Each of the dreams as well as in every dream in the Humash, you see a clear direction and outcome. All of them relate to and bring closer the Redemption of Am Yisrael. Avimelech's dream protects Sarah Immeinu so that she can return to Avraham Avinu and give birth to Yitzhak. Lavan is told not to even speak any evil to Yaakov Avinu. Pharoah's dream and those of his servants lead to Yosef's freedom, provide for the entire nation during the drought, and set the stage for the eventual exodus from Egypt. Not to mention Yaakov's dreams in which HaShem explicitly promises the success of the Jewish People.

In short, there's is something inherent in the nature of a dream, any dream at all, that it brings us closer to the ultimate redemption.

When it comes to that redemption David HaMelech says in Tehillim, "Hayeinu k'Holmim" - we were as dreamers. The Geulah is not a dream, it is a state of being fully awake. The Galut is like a dream in retrospect, going through the darkness longing for something so ephemeral and distant, something we can barely imagine.

May HaShem fulfill the words of David HaMelech, that we may all awaken from these dreams of Geulah, may we experience the Geulah instead of dreaming of it.


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