Rebbe Nachman was right

The only answer to the problem of the rapidly advancing pace of the
world is Hitbodedut.
The only way to have a real and intimate relationship with HaShem is
to devote to Him that most precious of commodities, attention.
Hitbodedut is being alone with and entirely focused on HaShem.
As above, so below. But the converse is more important: When we give
HaShem our full attention, we have His.

[ps. The performance of Tefillah, as well as any and all other mitzwoth, touches on HaShem's infinite light. (See Iggeret HaKodesh 20) So please don't get the wrong idea here. Hitbodedut has special applicability in our day because we are the Me generation. But it cannot replace even one mitzwah, instead it's a solid framework upon which to enrich our (unwavering) mitzwah observance.]


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