slow to anger

Berachot 6b, If HaShem shows up to a minyan and there is no minyan, He gets angry.

Berachot 6a, unlike a court, HaShem shows up before the minyan arrives.

Huh? So, basically that means there is never a minyan when HaShem shows up, so He's always angry???

Rav Yehoshua Kohen explained to me that the first Gemara is talking about the Shechinah dwelling in the Beit Knesset, whereas the second Gemara is talking about HaShem 'checking in' (ביקורת) which is something HaShem does regardless of the first Gemara.

When does HaShem check to see if there's a minyan? It can't be at Netz, (sunrise) because most of the minyanim start later than that, and it can't be at the end of the appointed time for prayer, because most minyanim finish before that.

So when does HaShem check?? According to R' Kohen, HaShem checks in at the appointed time when a minyan is supposed to start.

This means that we should all be getting to minyan on time, whenever on time is, for a particular minyan.

Why ask R' Yehoshua Kohen? You probably have never met anyone who knows all of the Bavli and Yerushalmi Talmuds (incl. Poskim, etc) like he does.


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