king david as a posek

David HaMelech was a posek. At least according to Masechet Brachot 3b. It's an interesting insight, I never thought of that before, never considered that angle. In fact, I was about to ask why was David HaMelech a posek, when the Tanya (Igeret HaKodesh ch.29) answered my question before I asked it:

In it, Rebbe Shneur Zalman explains that the Oral Torah, through revealing the Divine Will hidden in the Written Torah becomes a crown for the Torah.

To me this connects all of the dots: The Oral Torah and speech in general is related to the Sefirah of Malchut, Kingship. So, it follows perfectly that David HaMelech, the King of Israel would be responsible to reveal the Divine Will inherent in the keeping of the mitzwoth as recorded in the Written Torah, through paskening Halachah, Oral Torah.


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