Don't let them eat cake!

This morning I was dreaming about eating a delicious cake. When I woke up, I missed the cake, so I went back to sleep to have some more. (True story.)

That basically sums up all of Olam HaZeh.(This world) It's a world of lies and illusion, in Tehillim (ch. 126) David HaMelech says that when the final redemption comes and the illusion is lifted, we all will have been like dreamers. Chazal teach that Bnei Yisrael will cry for the Evil Urge when it is destroyed -- Just like I went back to sleep to "eat" more "cake." We will miss the illusion and mourn its loss.

That's what will happen if we don't wake ourselves up now, and attune our senses to the Truth underlying the illusion of this world. The only way to grow closer to Godliness is through Torah and Mitzwoth.

Everything else is just "cake."


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