dividing the land

When the Israelites arrived back home after the exodus from Egypt, the division of the land took place through a lottery.

This wasn't any ordinary lottery, but rather before each result was drawn, the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) would announce through prophecy which result would be drawn from the lottery.

This was the method through which it was made clear to the whole nation that the division of the land was divinely determined.
(source: http://www.steinsaltz.org/learning.php?pg=Daf_Yomi&articleId=1801 )

We can't begin to imagine or understand the amount of theatrics HaShem underwent to make us feel special. Remember that each day. Remember all the wonderful things that took place to bring you to where you are now. Remember that even if now you are in darkness, (Yavan, Greece, was hinted at by the word darkness in the Torah, so its an appropriate teaching for post-Hannukah)  you won't be for long. Don't give up.


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