words with redeeming quality

When we speak of the redemption from egypt, Yetziat Mitzrayim, we think of something that happened in ancient history. Yes, we have a responsibility, even a number of mitzwoth including a seven day festival, to remind ourselves of that event that took place so long ago, but it's still more or less an inaccessible memory.

The Komarna Rebbe transforms so much historical preservation into a vehicle for redemption:

The words we speak telling the story of the redemption from Egypt, are the vessels through which HaShem delivers us individually (personal salvations) and nationally. ( the ultimate redemption)

So speak out about the story of Egypt and don't hold back, because it isn't some half-dead national memory you're perpetuating without purpose-- it's the direct means through which you are being redeemed, today, tomorrow, and forever.


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