do you have the will to live?

Society today forces us to run faster and faster. There's a fear that if you stop for a break, you'll get trampled by the stampede.

This is the chidush of Shabbath in every generation.

Stop. Think. Breath.

This is the chidush of every berachah we say every day.

Take your time. Say the words. Think about what they mean.

We're in such a rush to get wherever it is that we're going... But, you think HaShem isn't right here? With you right now? Standing in traffic?

We're always thinking: "I just need to finish this, " or "I just need to deal with this and then.."

You think He didn't plan this? You think He doesn't want you right here? right now? standing in traffic?

Wherever you are right now. You can either be connecting to something deeper, more sublime, more real than any acid trip, or you can be out in the cold, looking at your watch, incredulous, pacing back and forth, fuming with impatience, full of road rage.

Be holy. That's what HaShem wants from you, to be holy. What is holy? It's different. Holy is sincere. Holy is simple. Holy is separate. You can be holy anywhere.

Not only is it ok to stop and breath, to take a moment to reevaluate your values, your direction, it's necesary, vital. Vital as in alive

Being holy is being alive.

You are already doing everything you need to be doing.

Just be alive when you are doing it.

It's not about change, it's not about hope. 

It's about life.


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