be wisdomless

Rebbe Nachman teaches (Likkutei Moharan II:44) that one should serve HaShem from simplicity. So much so that we shouldn't even read scholarly investigations in support of Judaism.

Even in our halachic observance Rebbe Nachman frowned upon taking on chumroth. (stringencies in Jewish ritual practice)  Even for himself. He said that those who did take stringencies upon themselves could always further split hairs and would forever be in depression feeling as if they've never fulfilled the mitzwoth.

He went on to say, even one who is a master of the true wisdom will reach a point where he must throw all wisdom aside and serve HaShem without wisdom, in simplicity. Because in the end, there is no wisdom or understanding where HaShem is concerned.

To me this is everything I've always felt (and continue to feel) to be true. The essence of Judaism is to be simple with HaShem. Sincere and simple.


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