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The Ohr HaHayyim, Rav Hayyim ibn Atar, explains on this week's parashah VaYakhel, that HaShem says: If you keep my Shabbath, the work of the other six days of the week will be done for you. Good news!

He says that one of the ways to read the passuk: (Shemot 35:2) "sheshet yamim tey-a-seh melachah," (normally translated as "six days will you work, [and on the seventh day you will rest]")  he says that if you pay attention to the punctuation, the nikkud, of the word tey-a-seh, it isn't 'you will do,' it is 'it will be done [as if on its own]' 

If you properly keep the Shabbat, all your week's work will be done for you. Ah, but then you really have to keep Shabbath properly!


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