room for prayer

I came across mention of hitbodedut (or something very similar) in the same day this past Shabbat, in both the Tanya (I:26) and Rebbe Nachman's Likkutei Moharan. (II:25)

For me, the biggest obstacle is getting out to a wild and untravelled place, something Rebbe Nachman usually emphasizes. In this Torah he mentions that hitbodedut can also be done in a secluded room -- something more achievable and realistic in my case.

The other thing Rebbe Nachman mentions in the same Torah: turning one's learning into a prayer is also a very lofty occupation. [For the best illustration, see Likkutei Tefillot which Rav Natan wrote for each of the Torahs in Likkutei Moharan.] To me, since it is mentioned alongside hitbodedut, I'd like to think he meant it as tantamount. This is comforting as well, because it can also be put into practice anywhere.


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