peels of laughter

When we are helplessly watching another's suffering, knowing that is truly our own as well. From where can we know solace?

How can the sure knowledge that this suffering is HaShem's Will, and is ultimately for our own good, help us at all? When it isn't our bones that are being broken, our skulls that are being bludgeoned? How can we dismiss the pain of someone else?

We can't. 

BUT: the fact that this situation is so beyond our ability to comprehend, so contradictory in any logical realm, can bring us comfort in the surety that HaShem is the only force behind this. 

When all forms of logic break down, we can take comfort in the reality that HaShem must sort out the chaos. If we don't have the tools to function let alone prevail, we know we can rely on HaShem to extricate us from this mess.

Learning this this past week brought me to sudden incredulous and comforting laughter in the midst of bitter tears.

Abba! Abba! Abba!


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