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Last erev Shabbath I gave a short dvar Torah summarised here:

We know from the 13 rules of how to expound Torah (according to Rabi Yishmael), that we can learn about the generality, the klal, from the specific, the prat. 

Today we'll look at a single prat, and from this, learn about everything, the klal.

Just as it's obvious to us that we can never stop praying for our children, that they are always a work in progress, so too it becomes obvious to us that we must always pray for every aspect of our lives and existence.

Think about it for a minute.

Money, clothing, transport, food, health, everything. Even when something is "in the bag" still, it can devaluate, rip, break, rot, fail, or cease to be. When we rest assured that what is in front of our face is "a sure thing," we're forgetting HaShem's constant hand in our lives.

This isn't meant to make you paranoid, just the opposite. 

When you realize that there is no substantive difference between holding something in your hand or not having it all, you can recognize that it all depends solely on HaShem. At this point you can be comforted by the fact that He is infinitely more trustworthy than government, insurance, investment, lifetime warantees, or employment.

HaShem provides us all with everything we need, not medicare, not taxes, not 28-hr [sic] work days. Pray for it.

"So you're telling me not to work?" No!!! Work, but recognize that the work itself is a form of prayer to HaShem, the most basic form of prayer: "I'm doing my part HaShem, from here on out, it's up to you." 

If your work performance is less than "I'm doing my part," well, then that's not really praying is it?

This is the heart and essence of the deepest kabbalistic meditations, yihudim and kawanoth: "I'm doing my part HaShem, from here on out it's up to you." You are entering into a complete and total partnership with HaShem.

This was the legacy left to my father by my grandfather ztz"l, and I'm still learning it to this day.

Everything, whatever it is you are doing right now, has the potential to be a prayer. If it doesn't, then stop doing it. If it isn't then ask yourself why it isn't, or better yet, make it so.


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