years blending into days

I had a huge connection come together during my chevruta on Likkutei Halachoth. Essentially Rebbe Natan might have been spelling it out, but it hit me all of a sudden, that you can look at the schedule of the year just as if the whole year was one big day.

We have 3 regalim each essentially parallel to the 3 daily prayers. Av is the end of the day, Elul is bein ha'Arba'im. Tishrei is the beginning of night. Sukkoth is Arvith, (Maariv) the prayer of Yaakov avinu. Heshvan and Kislev is the deep of night, Hannukah is hatzoth halailah. Just as we awaken at Hatzoth to acknowledge the first promise of light, in the context of the year we light the Hannukah candles to fulfill the exact same purpose. Tevet, Shevat, is the early early morning. Adar is zman kriath shema, when you can recognize your fellow from a few paces--hence shalach manot to one's fellow. Nisan is netz haHamah. Pesah is Shaharith, the tefillah of Avraham Avinu.  Iyar, Sivan is late morning, Shavuoth is minchah, the tefillah of Yitzhak Avinu, at minchah Gedolah. Tammuz, Av is the dwindling of the day, 17 Tammuz is minchah ketanah, and 9 Av is shkiah.

I don't know if I have it all right, but of it all I'm pretty clear on Hannukah being Hatzot ha'lailah, which is definitely hinted at in Likkutei Halachoth, Hilchoth Birkoth HaShahar.


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