embrace of mind

The Baal HaTanya, in his Shaar HaYichud v'HaEmunah, explains an idea of the Rambam: God's knowledge of everything is a function of His knowledge of Himself.

He expands on this idea and explains that each and every one of us is encompassed within the knowledge of HaShem. Unlike human knowledge, where our minds encompass only the idea of something, HaShem's knowledge encompasses the something itself.

To me this is a beautiful kavanah for the Tallith, when we put on the Tallith in the morning, a white garment, just as the color white is associated with some of the loftiest levels of intellect, we are acknowledging that we are clothed, wrapped, and encompassed in HaShem's knowledge.

To me that's a really nice feeling, knowing that you are encircled in the womb of HaShem's mind.


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