a new day

Often a company will repackage its products, in order to refresh them and renew people's interest, perhaps grab some further attention.

There are basically two different ways people, customers, can respond to this: The first is to be the educated consumer and scoff at a simple repackaging, as if it is beneath you to fall for their marketing.

The second approach is to be delighted at the product, and reexperience it anew. Revisit this product as something new and different, waiting to be surprised by what
it might entail.

In our modern society, this second approach is looked down upon as the ignorant, simple or childish approach.

People who look down on the second approach are missing a major point. When people taste or use the newly packaged product and expect something special, they will better appreciate whatever the product has to offer. Those who look down will only see the negative aspects of the product.

All of life is exactly the same. When we look at the world and think this new day is simply a repackaging of yesterday, we can either be excited to discover what's new, or, well, the other option is sadly too familiar to have to go into detail.

This is but a small aspect of the deep lesson Rebbe Nachman called the Sophisticate and the Simpleton.


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