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יש בעולם הזה רצון עצום למשוך ולהאריך תענוג. כידוע תענוג בעולם הזה מתחלף בשניה ולפרקים נמשכת עד כמה דקות ספורות.. ואפילו להנאות יותר לתווך ארוך כל מגמתם של הנהנים הוא להאריך ולהמשיך את ההנאה או התענוג הזה כמה שאפשר. הגבול והאוייב של כל אילו הלוחמים הוא הזמן. הזמן עובר והאש מתלקחת ואוכלת עד שאין מה לאכול. וזה כולו ענין עולם הזה. כל עוד שלא נגמר התיקון כל יום ויום משפיע ועובר לבד. בעת התיקון כל הימים יהיו כאחד נמשכים עד בלי די.לכן קוראים לעולם הבא יום שכולו ארוך ויום שכולו שבת - כולו תענוג בלי סוף. בזה רואים שכל העולם כולו שואף לעולם הבא.
The nature of HaShem's world is utterly beautiful in a way that surprises constantly in the thorough and subtle depth of its perfection. Time passes because each day vies for its own spotlight, its own moment. Each day a different day gets to shine. This is the nature of this limited world, in which each person is born thinking he is more important than every other person. This is the broken nature of the world which is in need of a fixing. It is in such a world that each person struggles not only to attain pleasure and enjoyment, but to prolong it as much as possible until they need to return to seek it out anew. Thankfully, HaShem created this world largely so that the fix would come of itself: As people age and have children and then grandchildren, they recognize their insignificance in the face of all those who came before and all those who come after them.

In the world to come, the time when this tikkun (fixing) is complete. All the days will shine simultaneously and there will no longer be passage of time in the same sense as that of this world we are used to. This is why the world to come is called the day that is completely long, and the day that is completely Shabbath. In otherwords, it is an endless day of enjoyment.

We can see from this definition how it is that in searching for ways to elongate and lengthen pleasure and enjoyment, people are really longing for the world to come. When we recognize this it must have a profound effect upon us, bringing us to the truth of what our role is in this world, and how it brings us to the true goal of the next world.


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