call for salvation

Pray for the refuah shlaimah of Rav Mordechai Tzemach ben Mazal Tov (Eliyahu) - he's in the hospital in serious condition.

On parashath Ki Tetze the Noam Elimelech comments that: When you go to war with your enemy, and HaShem delivers him in your hand -- If HaShem wouldn't deliver him in your hand, you wouldn't be able to defeat him.

HaShem is our only source of salvation, prayers (torah, and mitzwoth) effect more good in this world and the next than anything else possibly could.

May it be HaShem's Will that just like on Purim when everything the evil Haman planned to do to Mordechai befell Haman instead, so to may Rav Mordechai's (Eliyahu) ailments be inflicted on our enemies instead.


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