shabbath garments

Last Shabbath I was thinking about the three garments of our Neshamah, thought, speech, and action and how these garments relate to our observance of Shabbath.

Basically, to my simple understanding it breaks down like this:
  1. שמור את יום השבת - Guard the day of Shabbath. This represents thought, as it says about Yaakov avinu, ואביו שמר את הדבר - [Yosef]'s father guarded the incident.
  2. זכור את יום השבת - Remember the day of Shabbath. This represents speech, as it says בכל מקום אשר אזכיר את שמי - everywhere that I invoke My Name.
  3. ששת ימים תעשה כל מלכתך - Six days you will perform all your labor. This represents action.
What is nice to see from this is that while we guard and remember the Shabbath through our thought and speech on Shabbath itself, the major involvement of our action for the sake of Shabbath is felt during the other six days of the week. In other words, if we didn't take action and do everything we need to do during the week, our Shabbath will be without the third and most corporeal garment, the clothing of action.

In this way, to the best of my understanding, we see that our Shabbath depends on our week.s


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