land ho!

In honor of Mosheh Rabbeinu's Yahrtzeit, (7 Adar) i'll mention something i came across yesterday. The Hesed L'Avraham explains that when HaShem originally promised the land of Israel to Avraham's children, He promised him ten lands. When the Jewish People were brought out of Egypt, HaShem gave them only the lands of the seven canaanite nations. Rav Azulai explains that the remaining three lands represent the mind/sechel, while the seven lands represent the seven middoth and the body. It is for this reason that Mosheh Rabbeinu was buried outside of then-current Israel, in part of the three lands, because Mosheh represents the aspect of Da'ath, knowledge, part of the mind rather than the body.

After the final Geulah, R' Azulai adds, the three remaining lands will become part of the land of Israel as well, [and HaShem's promise to Avraham will be complete.]


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