12 shevat

On 12 shevat four years ago, I started this blog.

Today's Hayom Yom:
Intellect and excitement are two separate worlds. Intellect - a world cold and settled; excitement - a world seething and impetuous. Man's avoda is to combine them, unite them. The impetuousness then becomes transformed into a longing, and the intellect into the guide in a life of avoda and action.
Lately people have been talking in the J-blogosphere about learning out someone's tikkun from the aliyah for the parashah on the day they were born. This Torah blog was born on 12 shevat, 5764, the Torah portion for the day includes the destruction of the Egyptian might, and Bnei Yisrael singing Az YaShir. So from this we can surmise the tikkun and purpose of this blog :) To do away with the mask of physicality and to celebrate HaShem's revealed light, to delight in the Shechinah.

[note: recently I had considered deleting this blog, out of fear that some of the concepts might be mistaken and lead people to difficulties in understanding or even harm. I chose to keep it around, but I hope to reflect more heavily on the teachings I'm giving over and more clearly mark my own ideas. b"n]


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