the pain of knowledge

DixieYid has a guest post by the author of a book explaining women's place in Judaism as well as the redemption. It's a very loaded discussion and she deserves credit for even taking on the challenge. From what I've read in her article and her discussion in the comments, it is a very well thought-out work that she compiled over the course of twenty years. I will have to read it in order to be able to rightly comment on anything she says.

I'm deeply troubled by the comments in reply to the post...
It makes me realize how superficial most of the discussion on the web is.. most especially, how much I myself participate in these superficial conversations.

I see now how lazy I am to understand part of a view and assume i understand it completely.
I see now how much time it really takes to work/digest an idea until we can truly understand and master it, such that we don't need to waste superficial words picking out specific details to debate in an attempt to avoid having to really think about something.

It troubles me. but I'm happy my eyes were at least a little opened.


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