burning with the light of hannukah

During mincha I had a momentary flash of understanding regarding the Pri Ha'aretz I discussed earlier:

The Pri Ha'aretz explains that during tefillah our eyes must be downward and our hearts upward. He relates the Torah in which he mentions this to Hannukah on the whole, but I didn't understand the depth he was hinting at.

When our eyes are focused downwards, on seeking out HaShem's deep Wisdom in even the simplest places, we become like the wick, who pulls up the oil (one of the secret names of HaShem's wisdom) and offers it to the flame, to our hearts which are burning with a great thirst for HaShem's Wisdom.

Through this Torah of the Vitebsker Rebbe we actually become the candle, we enlighten ourselves until we burn with the light of Hannukah.


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