temporary relocation

Since my web hosting provider has been sketchy in its uptime of late, i've switched to hosting this blog on blogspot, until i've found a more realiable webhost.

the new url is http://awaxingwellspring.blogspot.com

On the plus side, this means i can possibly incorporate some of the new features that are blogspot-only.

In the meantime i will also be experimenting with alternate interfaces to this blog on my usual domain, thismortal.co.il

b'ezrat HaShem none of this will interfere with the outpourings of Torah that is my #1 goal here.

ps. I turned off anonymous commenting because i got hit with 60-something pieces of spam comments that were very difficult to delete when my blog was being published via ftp. now that it's via blogspot, hopefully i will be able to turn anonymous comments back on shortly.


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