the dwelling of brothers

It occurred to me last week that the internet has a few dangers we might not normally consider. The blogosphere engenders a couple of behaviors that can have negative implications especially for a Jewish blogger. I want also to make it clear that I bring up these two issues specifically because I find myself falling short in their regard, not because I've found others guilty of similar deeds.

The blogosphere is very fast paced, and very opinionated. In fact, there is probably no better way to sum up what a blog is than "the opinions of a specific person of the moment." Of course this doesn't describe all blogs, but this is definitely what the blogging status quo, the peer pressure, encourages.

In this world of emphatic opinions we start to discuss and pursue Torah discourse. It is so easy, especially because I don't have my chevruta of the moment sitting in front of me face to face, to dismiss the ideas of someone else off the cuff. It is too easy to tread on the kavod, diginity and honor that becomes my fellow Jew. I have to be so careful to afford every viewpoint of our holy discussions with the time and respect it deserves. I haven't been.

It's too easy in the rapid pace--the pressure to reply, to respond, to post--to take a statement at less than face value, or to take part of a statement and assume it represents the whole. I find myself dreading reading long posts in places, and sad of only a short post in other places, where's my kavod for the Torah of my fellow Jew?

The Beit HaMikdash was destroyed for no less.

There is a very big tikkun happening, I'm happy to say, in the blogosphere and a lot of work for me to do to be a part of it. Sharing Torah, growing as a Jew, affording others a significant portion of my time, of my kavod, and of my affection.

May we meet soon face to face (panim el panim) over the korbon Pesach.


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