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I did a Q&A over at A Simple Jew.

You will have to head over there for the answer, the question is mirrored here:
A Simple Jew asks:

Each year as we review the Chumash, we continue to be baffled by just how quickly the Jews started complaining after they witnessed miracles as they left Egypt and crossed through the Yam Suf.

One could argue that we too are often blind to recognize the continuous miracles that Hashem performs in each of our lives, yet the miracles in the Chumash seem to us to be on a much grander scale than those in our lives.

We may ridicule the Jews in the desert for their lack of emuna, but then when we turn around and judge ourselves by a similar standard, do we measure up to our standard, or are we also just a bunch of wandering complainers?
It was a harrowing experience. It's scary enough writing on my own blog with a very limited readership--much more intense writing for ASJ who has a much larger audience.

Scary because what if I confuse some people, what if I make their lives more complicated instead of helping? Ironically the answer addresses just such a question. go see


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