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Bein HaMeitzarim, between the narrows, is the name of this time of year, from the 17th of Tammuz until the 9th of (Menachem) Av.

I wanted to re-link a couple of posts which previously mentioned bein haMetzarim:
the future of song and for the holy Arizal's hillulah.

Most important though, is to know that while we have all different times of the year set aside to fix all different kinds of things (the omer to perfect ourselves to be ready to receive Torah, the 10 days of teshuvah to cleanse us of our sins, the seven days of pesah to remove the "chametz" from our lives, the seven days of sukkoth to acknowledge to transient in our lives, etc etc) this time of year is special in the potential for Torah study. This is the hottest most difficult time of the year (full of so many distractions and diversions) and those who break themselves to attain Torah in this time will not be left unrewarded.*

If you were thinking about starting a chevruta, were curious about a certain sefer in Tanach, fell behind in daf yomi and gave it up, always wanted to get back to that masechet that you learned in yeshivah, or if you just wish you had the time to sit down and say tehillim or go over the weekly parashah, now is the time to do it!

*studying Torah never goes unrewarded (in fact, anyone who ever studied any Torah goes to Gan Eden -Zohar), but it's more accessible now than ever.


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