tying the knot

In Likkutei Halachot of Rebbe Natan, he talks about the deeper secrets of the Tefillin. He explains that the Shel Rosh, the tefillin worn on the head, represents the point of the Tzaddik. The Shel Yad, the tefillin worn on the arm, represents the point of the individual's soul. The knot in the straps of the tefillin in the back of the head is a separate tefillin in its own right, it represents the point of the klal, the whole of Bnei Yisrael.

The light, the blessing from HaShem, flows from the point of the Tzaddik to the point of the individual's soul, but only by way of the point of the klal. The blessings from HaShem can only reach each individual by way of the Tzaddik, only when the individual is somehow connected to the whole of Bnei Yisrael, ie. an individual needs to connect to another Jew in order to be able to receive beracha from the Tzaddik. Once the individual is connected to the klal, then the Tzaddik can work wonderous tikkunim (healings) on the individual.

Today is the 3rd of Tammuz (Gimel Tammuz) the hillulah of Menachem Mendel ben Levi Yitzhak the 7th Rebbe of Lubavitch. He more than other encouraged Jews to connect to one another through Torah, mitzwoth, and good deeds. He sent his Hassidim all over the world to find and connect to every last Jew, wherever they may be.

I never really understood the depth of what it meant, what it was the Rebbe was encouraging. He wanted to be metaken the whole of Bnei Yisrael, but in order to achieve this, every Jew in the world needed to be connected and not cut off from the whole of Judaism.

[Only through the lens of Breslov was I able to see and appreciate the depth of Chabad.]
May his Zechus protect us in the coming days and always, and may we merit to see the coming of moshiah any minute now.


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