lessons from egypt

The exile in Egypt was much more difficult than our present exile, R' Avraham Azulai explains in Hesed l'Avraham (1:13):

There we cast off the yolk of Torah and it was replaced with the yolk of Nature. As long as we accept upon ourselves the yolk of Torah, then nature is bent to our needs. When we make ourselves Kadosh (holy) by clinging to Torah and observing/guarding our ways, then the klippoth, the unholy shells that conceal the life-force of the world, are bent to our will. When we stray from Torah that's when they, the klippoth, are given dominion over us.

He actually says we have it within our ability to make this current exile as good as the beginning of the egyptian exile when Yosef ruled all of Egypt and all of Egypt served us.

As if we really needed more reasons to study Torah. In any case we're supposed to cling to it l'shma. (see A Simple Jew's post about what Torah Learning l'shma means)


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