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If you ever stopped to think all this mumbo jumbo about God creating the world out of his speech was just plain silly, well perhaps we all need to think again.

Remember back when there wasn't yet an Einstein, and the term Quantum Mechanics had yet to be coined? Well, maybe you, like myself, were not alive then, but the way people make such a big deal about this stuff, we can assume there was a time before Einstein, (wow that phrase is so ripe with puns, but I'm not touching any of them right now) and presumably before sliced bread as well.

Anyways once upon a time people used to think light was made up of tiny little billiar balls called Photons. Nowaday's we know it's much more complicated, people use terms like wave-packets, and vibrating one-dimensional strings. Anyways, the point is, there's this scientific team that just figured out how to make photons act like billiard balls.

They've created what they call Solid light. This is something that will further all kinds of science. But just think for a second, every time we learn a little bit more, it trashes everything we think we knew about what was solid and what was fluid, what was certain and what was vague. With every step what we should be learning is how small our minds are, how much more they have to grow, to encompass what happens on the microscopic level, let alone what happens in the conscious mind or the fringe of the universe.

God's speech has been compared to light numerous times. If we are learning now that light can be solid, then why can't light be the underlying fundamental of everything else.. oh wait, Einstein already showed us that that is, or at least could be, the case.

Meanwhile some other scientists are discovering that fruit flies have free will. Granted, they might not have gotten the paradox of free will down, but who really has, without first accepting the reality of HaShem?

Getting serious, there are those who think that if HaShem doesn't split the heavens and the seas and put on an earth-shattering light-show, then it's not His Will that is happening all around us every moment. Those same people might say that "har habayit b'yadeinu" is just a random perturbation of chance.

Those same people don't know what we know.
They don't know that HaShem created the world.
They don't know that he created it from Har Habayit.

Most of all though, and it's sad, they don't know that the Torah is our life, and the length of our days. They'll know when it's time. Until then, we have to make sure that we know.


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