children of war

There's an animation over at chabad.org, the Tefillin Booth. It commemorates the beginning of the Chabad Teffilin campaign that's still going on to this day. Why are they bringing it up now? Well, it started in 1967, as a spiritual tactic to aid us in our military effort. (Or at least that was the marketing spin of the day. In any case, because of it, tens of thousands of Jews have put on tefillin.)

See Kumah's post about it:1967: A Year of Jewish Military Campaigns

The reason I'm bringing it up is that I was looking through my wife's great-grandfather's books recently, (There are over 20 books of his notes, dreams, commentaries on Tehillim, and Zohar, most in his own handwriting) paper-clipped to one of his dreams about the Kotel was a newspaper clipping from 1967 about the start of the Tefillin campaign.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this great-grandfather had a dream in 1967 that big things were about to happen in Israel, and that's why he made the arduous journey from Bombay to Jerusalem, right before the war.

During the war, some of the soldiers making their way to the old city stopped him and asked him to bless them. He turned to one of the men, singling him out, and said "You will be before God shortly, tell Him to have mercy on His children."


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