anthropomorphic hierarchy

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov has a story called The Master of Prayer. Typical of his larger stories, it contains many mini-stories within it. In one of the stories, he talks about a city of people who have (for all intents and purposes) driven themselves insane by redefining reality in the following way: Money is the only important thing. It is so important that people are ranked entirely according to their wealth. Those who have very little money are considered animals and other lower life-forms, those with more money, people, and so on and so forth until there are the very wealthy who are considered royalty, and even stars, constellations, and deities.

I just ran across a website called "The Truth Laid Bear" people can sign their blogs up, and be ranked as various animals, mortal people, or 'Higher Beings' depending on their blogs' statistics.

There's nothing wrong with tracking blog statistics, but let's make sure not to get carried away. Especially in light of the last post about Ego-slaying.


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