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The Notzer Hesed (Komarna Rebbe) brings down in his introduction to Ketem Ofir, his perush on Megillat Esther, that the Holy Ariz"l said it is good to find God's names unified in your name. He brings an explanation of how Ketem Ofir is actually the same gematria as his name which is the same gematria as a long string of mystical names of God.

As this is post 316 on this blog, and my name חנן יצחק has gematria 316, I will take this oppurtunity to bring a simple unification of God's names that shares the same gematria as my name.

Six times shem ב"ן (which is יו"ד ה"ה ו"ו ה"ה) is 312 plus אב"א is 316 - which is nice because in tehillim perek 36 (לו) the phrase באורך נראה אור - in your light we will see light has as it's first letters (roshei tevoth) אבן, literally stone. Which is explained like this: The strength of stone comes from the strong connection between father (אב) and son. (בן)

[note: purely by coincidence, I finished this post at 3:16 pm. weird.]


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