we're still dreaming, we only think we're awake

Over on Mystical Paths, there's a really disturbing trend starting. (or at least being encouraged) They are delineating who is awake and who is asleep.

Awake. It's just another Tag, another trend, another name, another way to associate with other like-minded people. It's not any more true than Gucci. There's no more emeth in 'awake' than there is in 'asleep.' Look at Likkutei Halachoth, (hilchoth netilath yadayim) and then we'll see who praises being 'awake.' (see here, and here.)

Any Jew who latches on to any name other than Yisrael should look within themselves, myself included. We should look within ourselves and wonder why we are pulling away from the klal, the complete whole that is Yisrael. HaShem is Echad, Torah is Echad, and Yisrael is Echad. All of Yisrael is mixed with one another. (ערבים זה לזה) There's no delineation, no divisiveness that is part of Yisrael.

The Hareidim who don't have time to talk about moshiach because they are too busy learning Torah aren't not awake. They know the emeth, that Torah is always important. A shiur that is kavua will still be kavua, even if moshiah is coming that very same second. Torah is eternal just like Yisrael is eternal. People who go through their lives taking care of their family and saying tehillim but don't have time or energy to respond to people's calls for moshiach, they are just as awake as you or I. People who never in their lives opened a sefer, but are caring and benevolent people are awake too. People who seem to all intents and purposes to serve no clear purpose by their very existence, they too are awake. (If you think they serve no purpose aren't you the one who's asleep?)

To put it simply: Remember the Baal Shem Tov, if God shows you someone who appears (to you) to be asleep, God is sending you a wake-up call!

Don't start a witch-hunt for those who are asleep. You are wasting your own time. This stupidity of 'awake' and 'asleep' is like one of those dreams where you think you woke up and got dressed and went to work (or school), only to wake up later and discover you're still in bed in your pajamas.

If you were truly awake, everyone around you would be awake as well.
(note to self: stop judging people and get out of bed!!!!)


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