speaking about money

There's a lot of back and forth about money and parnasa lately (what with parshath haMon, melaveh malka, and all of the other segulot mentioned lately.)

Through revealing God's might and gadlut in the world, through acts of kindness, like Tzedaka,we reveal God' light in the world. One of the most powerful revellations of God's light is in bringing out the light hidden within money. Because money has no greater purpose than in bringing glory to God's name.

When we receive money, we can imagine all kinds of things to do with it, we have to break through those fantasies and reveal the true light, the true potential that's underneath it all, how can I use this money to glorify God's name in the world? By giving a tenth (or a fifth, or whatever you are able) to Tzedaka, the entire sum is illuminated, raised up, and rectified. Then, no matter what you do with it, be it buy food, clothes, take care of any of your needs, it is now done in holiness.

[Sourced in my limited understandings of Likkutei Moharan I:25]


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