no dough

Since we've been in the apartment I've tried to make Challoth for shabbath on a regular basis. I don't always have the time, but last week, shabbath parashath Bo, I made the dough, even braided the challoth, but we went out and didn't get back in time to bake them before they had collapsed. So, ironically in the parashah that Bnei Yisrael didn't have time for their dough to rise because they left in such a hurry, (Exodus 12:39) we too had flat dough that I even put in the oven and forgot to bake because of the rush. (Don't worry, anyways we were eating by my parents' in law who had challoth already anyways.) It's important to see yourself in the parashah of every week and the Torah of every day, this week it was easy and humorous to do so. [the picture is of different challoth that rose successfully and baked nicely about seven months ago.]


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