hearing, tasting, seeing and yes, smelling yourself to the light..

Here's a very in-depth Torah that I probably won't do justice to, not that I've done justice to most of the other Torahs that I've shared here, just that I'm starting to be aware of how much I'm condensing and paraphrasing.

In Likkutei Moharan I:21, Rebbe Nachman gives us a fairly comprehensive guide to connecting to HaShem's pnimiyut. He says that we need to purify the seven lights of our face. (2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, and mouth) This means guarding against lashon harah, hearing improper things, seeing improper things, and I have trouble understanding how our nose can be involved in evil, but I'm sure it can somehow. (In any case, I don't recall what he said about our nostrils, I don't think he said anything specifically, if he did I will come back and edit it in here.) Once these seven orifices, or lights, (that emanate from said orifices, presumably from the little I know) are clarified and cleansed, then by calling out to HaShem through our Torah study and the words of our prayers we can reach HaShem's pnimiyut.

For myself the lesson is clear, work on not speaking Lashon Harah, not putting myself in a position to hear and accept Lashon Harah, and guarding my eyes much better than I have up until now.

Of course I would like to do everything in my power to get a glimpse of the pnimiyut (the inner depths) of the Torah. (and concurrently HaShem's machinations in the world)


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