absent analogs

I was thinking about different ideas today, and thought to myself, well, if this is true, then there must be an analog in nature.

Now, if something is emeth, then there must be an analog in Torah somewhere. But where did I get the idea that there must be an analog in nature as well?

We do have Chazal telling us in multiple places that the Torah is the blueprint for the creation of the world, so I would think if it exists in Torah then it must also exist in nature, except that we know there are things in Torah that Chazal tell us never were and never will be. (The Tanya discusses mitzwoth like this and how the learning of their halachoth is the way to keep them, namely ben sorer u'more and (i think) certain inyanim of pigul. (amongst others, The Baal HaTanya didn't provide a complete list)) So apparently not every truth has an analog in the physical world.

But, why did I think it in the first place? It seems that God puts all the biggest secrets and most profound ideas right in front of us, clothed in such simplicity that only the really perceptive and bright-eyed will catch them. So, naturally, if I came upon a big secret, I would think it must have been right under my nose the whole time. I still feel like this is the truth most of the time, but we just proved above that there are truths that have no expression in the physical world outside of the letters in a sefer kodesh.

The idea that struck me as true is that the Godliness within us, interacts with the Godliness in the world at large through the various physical clothings in between them. The whole exercise is mainly to raise up these physical trappings that divide between the (k'v'yachol) separated unity of Godliness. It doesn't sound like a chidush, but try to picture the relationships, and I can see I'm getting into a place too meta to go with Binah; everytime I go there I have to stop thinking. אם רץ לבך שוב לאחד - if your heart runs, return to one. (I've quoted this in the past, it's still from the Sefer Yetzirah - the book of formation.)

This kind of thinking only serves as fuel to remember I don't know anything and I need to get back to learning.


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