waters of blessing

from today's Hayom Yom:
"When encountering water one should say that the Baal Shem says that it is a sign of blessing."
Water as a source of blessing, it comes from heaven, grows our food and quenches our thirst. Certainly a blessing. According to Freud it represents sex in the subconscious mind, which also bears (no pun intended) the potential for blessing. (Children)

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov explains that two blessings always come from the wife, livelihood, and children, because they are connected, the livelihood is there to nourish the children.

The Kabbalah and Chassiduth speak about feminine waters that we dispatch upwards (through the performance of mitzvoth and cleaving to God) towards God, and masculine waters that descend from on high and bring ebulient blessing as a result of the arousal caused by the feminine waters.


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