the science of Tchelet (תכלת)

This (via Mystical Paths) should be filed under "how do they find these things?".

Apparently, תכלת owes its color to a chemical that is best at absorbing energy at a wavelength of 613 nm.

At first, my BS. detector fired big time especially when people mention a measurement and then say it's signifcant theologically -- since measurement is never an *exact* science. But from my arm-chair knowledge of everything, at least this isn't just an entirely bogus claim.. Ironically though, the color would, as far as I know, stem from whatever energy is not being absorbed by the tchelet.

If you're curious what it actually means, perhaps this will help:
absorption peak: 1. The wavelength or frequency at which a particular substance absorbs the most power (or, where the attenuation of the propagated signal is the greatest) whenever the substance is bombarded or irradiated with audio, electromagnetic, or light waves. Note: Whenever a material is thus bombarded, there is reflection, transmission through the material, and absorption within the material. In the case of air, O2 has multiple absorption peaks.
Here's another definition. (answers.com)

Here is the wikipedia entry on Spectroscopy if you want to beef up. Afterwards you can come back here and tell me if it means what I think it means :)


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