rediscovering: singularity

The Tanya, the Bible and the Rambam are all crystal clear: God is unchanged by creation and all the actions and changes that take place therein.

It doesn't get more profound than that. Kind of puts a different spin on the "Can God create a rock he can't lift?" Creation doesn't affect God.

Which also means that all of our 'scientific study' of God is limited to meaningless thought experiments. If you look back far enough it's an open system, a one-way open system.

(Look at the Rambam's Foundations of Torah for more. The Tanya link above (reproduced here) also reaches the appropriate section of this discussion--coincidentally most of the talk about these topics uses illustrations from this (בא) and next week's (בשלח) parashah. (the plagues and the splitting of the sea))


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