pharoah vs. nimrod

I was telling stories to my nephew Hillel Shlomo, not to be confused with my nephew Shlomo Hillel, about Pharoah and Moshe, but I almost didn't get that far. I got side tracked on giving him background story. Mostly, I told him about Avrahams success in the face of Nimrod.

I didn't really have time to think about or process it at the time, but Nimrod is actually the archetype for Pharoah. Everything that went on with Avraham and Nimrod went on with Pharoah and Moshe, in a larger context. Everything except that when the first conflict occurred, there was no nation to speak of, only a belief, only a relationship with God. There was no receiver of that relationship, that belief. In the reddux, with Moshe vs. Pharoah, the difference is the people are there, and they're waiting to inherit that relationship that has been hanging around people-less since Avraham vs. Nimrod. In a way, the burning bush is really Avraham Avinu.


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