synchronicity in science

Here's a Live Science article about hippocampus damage preventing imagining the future:
"We found that the role played by the hippocampus in processing memory was far broader than merely reliving past experiences," said Eleanor Maguire of the University College London. "It also seems to support the ability to imagine any kind of experience including possible future events. In that sense, people with damage to the hippocampus are forced to live in the present
How did they not tie it to the article in Science Blog I quoted in this post on the future behind us?:
Now, researchers from Washington University in St. Louis have used advanced brain imaging techniques to show that remembering the past and envisioning the future may go hand-in-hand, with each process sparking strikingly similar patterns of activity within precisely the same broad network of brain regions.
Interesting all the same. These researchers probably could have gained a lot from networking.


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