disabilities as abilities

"A superior quality in the physical is a deficiency in the spiritual." -The Baal HaTanya
I once said the reverse, based on teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, that people who have disabilities were actually blessed with abilities/limbs/functions that needed no rectification. Well, after a little consideration, I didn't really say anything at all--It's clear from Rebbe Nachman's story "The Seven Beggars" that basically said it outright.

[Try telling that to someone who's disabled--generally they will beat you up or spit on you. It's not apologetics though (as opposed to the 'women are on a higher spiritual plane' lines which may be apologetics -- i need to do more research) Though, my deaf uncle actually shuns deaf people who try to be normal. There's a whole deaf subculture with inside jokes about getting two hearing people to unwittingly communicate for long periods of time via sign-language, etc.]


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