bright ideas

just a few thoughts this morning, distracting my prayers.
my father always said if someone could turn the gemara into a television series, we'd all know it by heart, the way we know friends, seinfeld, mash, cheers, simpsons, etc by heart. "right," i always thought, "as if it could be made into something interesting enough. besides who would put up the money."

this morning i had a minor eureka moment that one could have a mini film-festival for short-short films depicting various stories in the jewish literature, both modern and ancient---it's chock-full of absolutely amazing and inspiring stories. you could then podcast or blog these. Perhaps I should start blogging the stories as source material in the meantime?

either way, it gave me a better thought. why not record some of the best story tellers retelling some of their favorite tales, especially the hasidic stories, that's something that's extremely low budget and i'm betting it would have huge appeal.


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