parsing/groking minimalist information

i've been noticing lately how when people try and dial-down the amount of information being passed on, in an atempt to get across specific information, i have trouble caring about it. Two good, but vastly different examples: poetry & power-point presentations. (sorry about any untoward aliteration)
i can't ever seem to care enough about poetry to get into the poet's head. The same is true with powerpoint. It's like my brain shuts off when i'm only being spoonfed. I think there's something there also in everything that's been filtered out. I think we use surrounding junk for context and prefer to pick out our own bullets, instead of taking other people's bullets that might have been already obvious and boring. At least I seem to react like so.

On an alarming note, I seem to gravitate toward organising my own thoughts in outline and composed form, simply because I like progressive order and clear structure. So, why is it that the kind of information that I most-like to generate is the kind of information that I least-like to parse? Go figure. Actually I think it follows from what I said above; My brain likes to parse lots of ideas and information into its own bullets. Which is what I'm doing whether it is reading dense text or condensing many ideas down into key points. Whereas reading such condensations are ultimately boring, because there's nothing for my brain to chew on.


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