faith and happiness

We have two(2) major commandments that encompass all of the other commandments. Loosely described, our first commandment is to love God. Our second commandment is to fear God.
there are many levels and many explanations of fear and love, exactly what they mean, how to perform them, and why exactly are they of all the possible forms of expression, the ones that God asks of us? I don't really want to explain any of them here. I want only to observe that maintaining proper fear of God leads to true happiness. Not, necesarily what one might expect, but look at examples from psychology and the people around you. On the other hand, something not as easily understood, proper love of God leads to true faith. (read: emunah) My rav once taught me that Moshe Rabeinu performed all of the miracles that he was a party to through simple faith. If we understood faith as we do today, how does one perform a miracle through faith? Obviously faith is something more elusive and more powerful than we imagine. To love God though, properly, i think we need true happiness.


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